Serial Suite Piasini Engineering V4.1 Master Read Write Programmer

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Serial Suite Piasini engineering
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Serial Suite Piasini engineering v4.1

What adapters and accessories packed?

• 1×Tool Bag
• 1×Device Serial Suite V3.0HW
• 1×Software Piasiniengineering Suite
• 1×USB Cable
• 1×Power supply 110-220V/13.5V
• 1×Dongle protection
• 1×OBD cable standard
• 8×General purposes cables.

Features Device:

• JTAG – BDM – K-line – L-line – RS232 – CAN-bus
• read/write programmer
• Windows 2000/XP.
• Checksum correction incorporated for
• Mitsubishi/Denso/Hitachi/
• Server on-line updates and security survey
• New Ecus implementation free of charge

What software included in Piasini engineering v4.1? and what function they own?

• PIASINI Master v4.1 is full kit of PIASINI and master include all function in list of the following it can read all dump of chip by bin file.and you can write or edit this dump by yourself.

• PIASINI Slave v4.1 is full kit of PIASINI and slave version,it include all function like master version,but it can only read a part dump of chip by encrypt file,this dump is only for turning file and you have to send dump to profession company for turning file.


Supported Cars list:

• Denso-Mitsubishi
• Denso-Nissan
• Denso-Suzuki
• Denso-Jaguar
• Hitachi-Nissan
• Keihi-Honda
• EFI-Lotus
• EFI-Lamborghini

Supported Motorcycles list:

• Denso-Suzuki
• Denso-kawasaki
• Mitsubishi-Yamaha
• Keihi-Honda
• Simens-Renault
• Denso-Subaru
• Mitsubishi
• Mitsubishi-Mazda
• Denso-Volvo
• Denso-Mazda
• Denso-Reanault
• Transtron
• Denso-Opel
• Mitsubishi-Opel
• Toolbox Serial

• Toolbox C16x