722.9 vgs replace OFFLINE step by step instructions using FVDI

7229 VGS Offline Replace Step by Step instructions using FVDI (7229_VGS_Offline_Replace_Step_by_Step_instructions_using_FVDI.pdf, 341 Kb) [Download]

Abritus-7-Gear-Database_05092012.exe (Abritus-7-Gear-Database_05092012.txt, 0 Kb) [Download]

what is about ISM virgin? Is FVDI working? Anybody testing this?

The fvdi is working marvelous for me. 7 cars done now

I did about 12 in the last year and probably 4 or 5 of them never accepted the SCN coding and never worked correctly. Now when I read your manual (very nice, thanks), I believe they may have been VGS1. How do you find out which is VGS1 and which is VGS2

In control unit version it states what version it is. Also on the plate itself there will be a big 2. Most of vgs 1 did not have the big #.

All is super but what with calibrations of valve body? EHS is one, calibrations solenoids is second. When you use brand new TCU (for example EGS3) you have writed default calibraions. After release transport protection programing and scn coding you must transfer calibrations from old TCU (only if you buy repair kit from mercedes, when you buy complete valve body with tcu called mechatronic you can just install in car and do programing and coding). If you couldn'y/wouldn'y that, gearbox never work correctly. ?

When you use used TCU he have calibrations from another hydraulic plate, sometimes values are total different and gearbox can not work correctly (gear switching is hard and adaptation cannnot correct this). ?

you must perform adaptation drive after replace plate. this is the best way. in developer mode you can download shift values and copy to new plate...but doing adaptations is the best way. after you do it a couple times you will be able to do it in 20 minutes through all the shifts. for the down shifts find a slight incline of a hill and get up to speed to 7th gear. let go of throttle. DO NOT TOUCH BRAKE!. let the car completely slow through all gears.....down shift done!

Adaptation drive you must perform always when do you do something with gearbox (oil exchange etc).
Adaptation data is one, valve body calibration is second. You can do with star diagnose tcu exchange procedure. After exchanging tcu you must run star diagnosis and read calibration from old and insert data into new tcu (brand new). This procedure also personalize TCU and release transport protection.

Adaptation drive is after all this steps. Sometimes you can't start adaptation proces because tcu discover reached limit adaptaion (lower or higher) and TCU can't modify PWM (more als 100% or less als 0%)

I've a VGS3 / NAG2 control unit with part number A 003 446 03 10 and software inside 003 448 54 10.

I'm trying to make it virgin, but FVDI returns this message:
"Software Version is NOT supported. Please, send the log file to support@abritus72.com"

It is the first time i see that message. I did this job many times succesfully.

Is there any solution for that?

Vgs3 cannot be virginised at the moment.

RE: 722.9 vgs replace OFFLINE step by step instructions using FVDItried today this step by step on vgs 1 mb part nb 67, everything went fine, car working good