Airbag Universal Repair 3.3 Ultimate 2016 Version

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2016 latest version Airbag v3.3
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2016 latest version Airbag Universal Repair 3.3 Ultimate

Airbag Universal Repair is the best software for the repair of ECU of aibag, accompanied by a graphical interface very simple and intuitive.

The software Airbag Universal Repair is compatible with read file with programmer such as UPA-USB, Wellon Series VP/GP, Galep and many other (not supplied with the software). Once loaded the read file of the ECU airbag in crash, the software will take care of the repair the file. Following it will be returned one that is worked perfectly, restored the original value of the ECU in crash, once again making it usable.

The software included:

47 Brand

2900 compatible System

19 Security Sequence Code for VAG group

* box of information

680 Mask of identification

* Airbag Universal Repair has a information box that help the operator to identify the memory to read; also, the button Mask identify a memory catalogued in accordance to standard Bosch and Motorola.

Example of Repair

  1. Choose the Brand
  2. Choose the System
  3. Open the read file with your programmer
  4. Process the file to execute the repair
  5. Save the Repair file

At this point reprogramming the ECU airbag with the repair file.

Airbag Universal Repair 3.3 Ultimate 2016 Version supported car list (airbag_universal_repair_car_list.pdf, 413 Kb) [Download]