RW4 Plus Transponder Machine (Includes GTI Kit)

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RW4 Plus
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RW4 Plus is the Silca transponder programming solution: accurate, easy to use and reliable!

Silca RW4 Plus: A Complete Solution

RW4 Plus is the exclusive device decoding and copying in stand alone mode.

Transponder identification:

Detects if keys are equipped with transponders or not, identifying the type and showing it on the on board display.

Transponder reading:

Reads and displays alphanumerical fixed code transponders. Can also identify differnt types of Crypto transponders.

Copying and writing:

Can copy and write quickly, accurately and easily transponders. The expiry of the command entry on the keyboard is very easy.


Up to 99 codes can be archived. Archive can be easily deleted for new code archiving. Codes archiving unlimited when used with PC/Laptop and the Silca Transponder Program.


The RW4 Plus can be powered from a 12V connector / cable in the car. With this feature, you can use the device directly at the vehicle, store the code and be programmed at a later time.

Kit includes:
10 GTI Transponder
10 MH-TA Adapter
Silca transponder program software


The unique device which can decode and copy in stand-alone mode the following types of transponders:
- Philips® Crypto ID40, ID41, ID42, ID4W and ID45;
- Philips® Crypto 2 ID46;
- Texas® Crypto ID4D;
- Texas® Crypto 2 ID6F;
- Texas® Crypto 3 ID6A;
- Megamos® Crypto ID48-A and ID48-K;
- Texas® fixed code ID4C;
- Temic®, Philips® and Megamos® fixed code transponders;
- Copying keys Holden® Commodore type 1 and 2.

RW4 Plus - ID46 Solution - Video (wmv)
GTI and RW4 Plus - Video Presentation (You Tube)
GTI and RW4 Plus - Tutorial Video (You Tube)


  • Transponder Identification: Detects if keys are equipped with Transponders or not, identifying the type. Can also identify different types of Crypto Transponders.
  • Copying: Can quickly identify and copy fixed and crypto Transponder types. Texas® fixed and crypto transponder types as well as Philips® Crypto II can be copied onto Silca MH electronic keys. For Philips® Crypto II transponders (ID46 Solution): data acquisition by using the original car key jointly with the “Silca Snoop". Rapid process: only 2 key data logging operations required.
  • Entering Code: RW4 Plus allows entering codes for certain fixed code transponders (Stand Alone).
  • Code Generation: RW4 Plus is able to generate codes for certain fixed code transponders (Stand Alone).
  • Archive: Up to 99 codes can be archived. Archive can easily be deleted for new code archiving. Codes archiving unlimited when used with PC (Silca Transponder Program).
  • Display: Guarantees excellent visibility, being crystal and retro illuminated.
  • Keyboard: 24 keys for a simple running of the operations.
  • Portable: Power supply through cigar lighter wire.
  • Antenna: Powerful, designed to read all types of transponders.
  • Remote Firmware Upgradeable

Technical Data

Power supply: Device: 15Vdc - 10W
Universal power provider: 100/240 Vac - 50/60 Hz 15 Vdc - 3A
Antenna field frequencies: 125 KHz
Dimensions: Length: 245 mm (9.64"), Width: 160 mm (6.3"), Height: 80 mm (3.15")
Weight: 0,6 Kg

Designed for the security Professional, the RW4 Plus is a stand-alone unit (no PC, no internet connection or additional software required) that will clone fixed code (T2, T5) transponder keys as well as Texas Instruments® (TI) fixed and encrypted code and Philips® encrypted code transponder keys.

The compact, portable design with an 12VDC power adapter makes the RW4 Plus a perfect for "on the road services".

Features :

  • Clones Texas Instruments (TI) and Philips encrypted code as well as fixed code (T2, T5) transponder keys
  • Identifies presence of a transponder and indicates chip type, value and manufacturer
  • Code Generation Capable
  • Archiving Function
  • SNOOP Included
  • 12V DC adapter included for "on the road" services
  • Compact, lightweight and portable
  • Built in "soft touch" key pad
  • Multiple language support
  • Easy to read LCD screen

Transponders Type

Transponder Brands:
  • Silca

RW4 Plus Brochure (rw4-plus-brochure.pdf, 190 Kb) [Download]

RW4 Plus - Optional Accessories Guide (rw4-plus-optional-accessories-guide.pdf, 48 Kb) [Download]

RW4 Plus Transponder Program Module (PDF) (transponder.pdf, 166 Kb) [Download]