Renault car keys , Renault key cards & remotes

Renault have used immobilizer and transponder technology since 1995, they have used a number of systems over the years. It is a common myth that some dealers tell you that only they can replace the keys and remotes on your vehicle, in most cases we can supply the same parts and complete the job far quicker and often far cheaper than the dealerships.

Renault use a variety of different remote keys that look identical to each other, but only the correct remote will work on your vehicle, we determine the correct part to the vin number of your vehicle.

Renault moved away from the traditional key and remote key and replaced these systems with a key card system, key cards although a nice idea, these are quite delicate and not as robust as traditional keys. Cards can break when put in tight back pockets or even when dropped, there are people who offer to repair these, but we advise against these, as this only normally offers a short term solution and often doesn't work, leaving the card worse off, we can only advise new cards.

The most common problem is the dash stating card not detected and the vehicle refuses to start, this can be the vehicles card reader at fault, but most commonly its down to the transponder arial on the cards circuit board breaking, when this happens a new card is required.

Renault key cards also suffer from the remote functions buttons breaking, in this case the only 100% solution is to have a new key card programmed to the vehicle.

Our fully stocked service vans carry a large stock of Renault keys, remote keys, key cards and hands free key cards, so we can normally resolve your problem same day in just 1 quick visit.

Renault Keys, remotes and key cards we offer include;
• Original OEM remote keys
• Original OEM 2, 3 and 4 button key cards
• Original OEM 3 button Hands free key cards
• Aftermarket 3 button Megane and scenic key cards
• Aftermarket remote keys
• Standard non remote chipped keys


We offer a number of advantages to you over the main dealerships, these include:
• We can do the job same day, so far quicker than the dealer
• We don't need to send for pin codes, we extract these from the vehicle.
• We don't expect you to recover the car to us, we come to the car
• We carry cards and keys in stock and can complete job same day, dealer often needs 5 days to order parts and codes.
• We normally work out cheaper than the dealership.

Main dealers do not normally hold stocks of keys and cards, they need to send off for these, dealers equipment wont extract the necessary pin codes from the vehicle, so they must also send off for these, all this means that the dealer requires you to wait 5 to 7 days before they can complete the job.


We carry a healthy stock of Renault keys and cards and our equipment will extract the necessary codes from the vehicle, this allows us to offer you a quick same day service.

Dealers are not normally mobile, so will not come out to you, instead you will need to pay recovery charges to have your vehicle recovered to them, this can be costly.

We are fully mobile so save you the recovery costs, as we come to your vehicles location.

So in short we can offer a quicker, less hassle and normally cheaper service to you than the dealerships can.

We can deal with most Renault key and card issues that crop up, whether its all keys/cards lost or stolen, broken keys and cards, spare keys and cards or simply keys locked in vehicle, we can normally offer a fast same day solution for you.

We normally offer a fast same day service for most Renault keys and cards, and offer a number of services to suit most pockets. Even if all keys are lost or stolen, we can normally resolve your problem in 1 fast same day visit. we also program any lost or stolen cards out of your cars memory so these will no longer work.

We offer the same high standard of service when you require a spare Renault key or card, we also enhance your vehicles security by programming out any cards or keys not in your possession.


Keys do break, and when they do its seldom convenient and normally they break in the lock, we can come to the car and extract the broken key from the lock, then cut a new key to your vehicle in 1 quick visit.

We are proud of the expert lock picking skills of our auto locksmiths, they always pick locks open, using delicate lock picks and normally in just a minute or 2 and totally free from any damage.

We use delicate lock picks, we wont use methods like air bags and rods that can damage your vehicle.

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Q ) my renault megane wont start , the dashboard just says "steering locked" do i need a new card ?

A) No this is not a fault caused by your key card , this is normally a steering lock fault requiring a new steering lock unit or a body control module fault requiring a new BCM unit .

You require a garage to correctly id which fault it is and fit the required new part , this fault is never down to your key card , despite often being wrongly diagnosed as such by recovery men .

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