Clone Xhorse Multi Tool V7.7 OBD2 CAS Key Programmer for BMW No updates

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Clone V7.7 Multi Tool OBD2 Tool
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Clone v7.7 BMW Multi Tool OBD2 CAS1-3 KEY PROGRAMMER

BMW Multi Tool Highlights:

  • Language: English
  • Latest software Version: V7.7
  • Hardware update online Software update via email(BMW Multi Tool Update frequently, if newer software come out, we will share you software download link).
  • Best BMW CAS Key Programmer, support BMW CAS1 CAS2 CAS3 CAS3+
  • Good tool to add spare key for bmw and also supports all keys lost

Description of Package

  1. OBD II CONNECTOR:Connects the tool to the vehicle's Data Link connector (DLC).
  2. Dongle:USB dongle.
  3. USB CONNECTOR:Connects the tool to the PC/Laptop through USB Cable.
  4. Programmer:Program keys.
  5. Programmer Female Pin:Connects programmer to device.
  6. Programmer Male Pin:Connects programmer to device.

BMW multi tool supported immobilizer type and function:

how-to-make-dealer-key-by-bmw-multi-cas-tool.pdf (how-to-make-dealer-key-by-bmw-multi-cas-tool.pdf, 407 Kb) [Download]

bmw-multi-tool-ews-and-cas-connection-show.pdf (bmw-multi-tool-ews-and-cas-connection-show.pdf, 259 Kb) [Download]

how-to-update-bmw-multi-cas-key-tool.pdf (how-to-update-bmw-multi-cas-key-tool.pdf, 589 Kb) [Download]

bmw-multi-tool-user-manual-english.pdf (bmw-multi-tool-user-manual-english.pdf, 2,677 Kb) [Download]

BMW Multi Tool 7.6 software download (, 33,325 Kb) [Download]

BMW Multi Tool 7.3 software download (, 32,203 Kb) [Download]