3 Button Remote Keycard for Renault Clio III 2006-2011 ID46 PCF7947 433MHZ

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Renault Clio III 2006-2011
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Clio III Keycard

A perfect replacement for a lost or broken key card.
433MHz frequency unprogrammed - will require programmiing by auto locksmith with special diagnostic software.
Comes with blank blade, new remote control card and new battery.
This is an after market replacement remote keycard..


Renault Clio III 2006-2011

  • 3 Buttons
  • Remote control Function
  • Key less Entry not supported(where you dont need to press buttons to open car)
  • On this remote user need to press button to open or close doors.

1 x 3 Button Remote Keycard for Renault Clio III 2006-2011 ID46 PCF7947 433MHZ

Transponders Type

Transponder Brands:
  • Philips, NXP
Remote Control Frequency:
  • 433
Transponder Chip ID :
  • ID46

Remote Control & Key Blades

Technical Specifications:
  • Lazer Blade
Remote Condition:
  • New Non Original
Virgin Transponder included ready to Program:
  • YES Blank Unprogrammed Transponder Incuded
Remote Battery Type:
  • 3v Small Lithium Battery CR1616
Supported Methods of Programming:
  • AD100Pro
  • AVDI
  • FVDI
  • MVPPro
  • SVDI

Transponder Brands

  • PCF7947

Supported Cars & Brands

Vehicle Brand's:

Vehicle Models

Renault Supported Vehicles:
  • Renault Clio III 2006-2011

Immobiliser systems

Type of Method Used for Programming: