Keyline 884 Decryptor Mini + Megamos Crypto Cloning

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The 884 Decryptor Mini, Keyline's new car key cloning device that makes car key cloning easy with an extreme calculation power and unmatched low price.And because we want you to try this new amazing product from Keyline we put together a 884 Decryptor Mini and Megamos Bundle at an incredible price! Find out below more details about both products and what you can get from this unmissable deal.

1. 884 Decryptor Mini

The 884 Decryptor Mini (also known as Ultegra Mini) is the perfect choice for automotive professionals and also for key cutters, car key cloners or even beginners as its updating process is very quick and it is also very simple to use. You just need to connect it to your Android smartphone or tablet with a USB-OTG capability, or you can connect it to a PC Windows (version 7 and subsequent versions) with Internet connection. Next you can download the Keyline Cloning Tool mobile App (to be used only with the 884 Decryptor Mini) or the PC Software and start the process of transponder-equipped car key cloningwithout the need to press any buttons or without connecting to a power outlet.

The led lights incorporated on the 884 Decryptor Mini let the user know of the different phases of the cloning procedure. And the interface displayed on the screen of the tablet, smartphone or PC shows the user the entire process, making it an easy system to use everywhere.

So what are 884 Decryptor Mini's main benefits?

  • With ID48 coverage, it pays back in four jobs;
  • It adds the lucrative ID48 cloning to what you currently offer;
  • It offers the same cloning coverage as other super cloners but at a quarter of the price;
  • It is cheap and reliable: it is a bargain even if you just use it for ID48 cloning;
  • For key cutters and car key cloners: the 884 Decryptor Mini is a cheap kit to get ID48 cloning and a lot of the cars covered are still around. After four jobs it pays for itself and it is a huge job count you can add to your services for very little;
  • If you are an auto locksmith: getting a pin code on some older models can be time consuming and sometimes impossible, and so a clone option keeps you the job;
  • For new starts: the 884 Decryptor Mini gives you a complete cloning package that clones the keys of around 85% of cars on road and for a quarter of the price of its nearest rival. It also offers the exclusiveID48 cloning and so far more cloning possibilities than any other cloner for a fraction of the cost.

Transponder Cloning:

  • Texas® Fixed Code 4C
  • Texas® Crypto 4D
  • Philips® Megamos® Fixed Code 33
  • First generation Philips® Crypto
  • Second generation Philips® Crypto 46
  • Megamos® Crypto (for VAG models – to be activated with TKM. Starter Kit) 48
  • Megamos® Crypto (for Kia, Chevrolet-Daewoo, Pontiac) 48A / 48K
  • Keyline Keyless Kit (plug in dash keys)
  • Keyline RFD100 (Ford remotes)


Power Supply5V
External ConnectionsUSB
DimensionsWidth: 120 mm; Depth: 100 mm; Height: 90 mm
Weight200 gr

2. Megamos Crypto Cloning Kit for the ID48 Chip

Welcome to the Megamos Crypto Cloning Kit from Keyline, the WORLD's first ID48 cloning system, now available

Megamos is an extension to the brilliant Ultegra Cloning system that uses a live internet link to help calculate the ID48 chip code. And users can now link the Megamos to the 884 Decryptor Mini too. The starter kit comes with everything that is required plus a special TKM cloning head. All the user needs to do is to add the VW HU66 Horseshoe to the TKM head to generate a very high quality cloned key!