SuperVAG Key Programmer + Odometer + Diagnose

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SuperVAG KEY –
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Car Van Truck Diagnostic & Key
Transponder Programming at
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Professional diagnostic tools for personal cars and light commercial vehicles.

Specifically specialized in VW, Skoda, Audi, Seat makes. Possibility to expand to Peugeot and Citroën makes.

* general diagnostic functions
* Comfort Functions
* Comfort Overview Functions
* convenient reset service intervals
* basic settings
* coding (long and short)
* adapting
* login
* displayed and stored blocks of measured values
* selective actuator test
* sequential actuator test
* regeneration of the particulate filter

* learning new keys and remotes
* increase the starting dose for diesel engines VW EDC15 / 16
* recommended procedure for repair of individual defects
* sophisticated technical help from within the program
* regularly available updates
* technical support is available in the program, by phone and e-mail
* product from Czech developers in the Czech language, with Czech support
* clear graphical reports and protocols

Packing List:

* SuperVAG Main Unit with USB Dongle

* SVG149 Cable

* USB cable

* Software CD

* read and write serial memory EEPROM

* work with odometers

* reading secret numbers

* reactivation of airbags

* cloning control units

License SPEED

* reading and writing of EEPROM serial memory
* reading odometer value
* convenient editing of the odometer value in the instrument panel and the engine control unit
* identifying and changing of the FLASH counter value
* backup / restoration of the contents of EEPROM serial memory
* dealing with the control unit and replacement
* automatic detection of the control unit’s connection
* cloning the control unit

License VIN-R

* reading PIN (using K-line and CAN)
* convenient reading of the PIN including Component Security
* storing the observed values in a file (History)

License AIRBAG

* reactivation of the airbag control unit

* Supported units VW2, W3, VW5.1, VW6 (Until 2008)

Functions for transponder pre-coding and key learning (adding) function

* Automatic recognition of type of control units

* Export and preparation of data for programming transponders

* Safely identify and verify the PIN and security Component

* View the status of the immobilizer

* Key learning/adding

* Erasing the trouble code memory

Functions for learning remotes

* Learning remotes
* Remote signal test

Diagnostic functions to determine the vehicle status

* Reading and erasing of trouble code memory of all control units
* Automatic testing

* Report on the state of the vehicle


SVG 149 and SVG 157 are special designed add-on cables as a solution for all KEY lost situation without soldering.

* No soldering, no need to remove needles
* No need for EEPROM programmer
* Just SuperVAG KEY and SVG 157 or SVG 149 add-on cable needed

* Also use SVG 149 and SVG 157 to swap instrument clusters

Functions for transponder pre-coding and key learning (adding) function

* Key learning/adding
* Data export for programming transponders
* Safely identify and verify the PIN and Component Security
* View the status of the immobilizer

Functions for remotes learning

* Add remotes & erase remotes

* Test of remote control signal

Supported Cars & Brands

Vehicle Brand's:
  • AUDI
  • VW
  • SEAT

SuperVAG Installing Notice (SupeVAG-install-guide.pdf, 180 Kb) [Download]

Direct Key Programming via OBD (Click to read details) (supervag-direct-key-programming, 58 Kb) [Download]

Solution for All Key Lost Situation (Click to read details) (supervag-all-key-lost-solution, 61 Kb) [Download]

Description of basic SuperVAG functions (Description-of-basic-SuperVAG-functions.pdf, 388 Kb) [Download]

LIST OF SUPPORTED ECU & FUNCTIONS (List-of-Supported-ECU-_Functions.pdf, 361 Kb) [Download]

LIST OF SUPPORTED INSTRUMENT CLUSTERS AND FUNCTIONS (List-of-supported-instrument-clusters-and-functions.pdf, 168 Kb) [Download]

SuperVAG Direct Key Programming via OBD (SuperVAG-Direct-KEY-en.pdf, 1,363 Kb) [Download]